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Voice of an Angel Live Music

Sacred Chant Concert or Live Music For Classes and Sadhana

Through Sat Avtar’s heart-centered, uplifting music we come together and experience the angelic realms that bring us to beauty, healing and peace. It is not by chance music listeners say Sat Avtar has ‘the voice of an angel’. Enjoy a solo chant experience with Sat Avtar with harmonium for classes, workshops, retreats or Sadhana, or book Sat Avtar with her band.

Become Like Angels

Angelic Mind, Heart and Body: Yoga, Meditation and Mantra Workshop

To become like angels we need strength, intuition, and an open heart to navigate the path to our unique destiny. This workshop gives you the experience of your own radiant angelic nature and the power to live from it. It includes a very special kriya, gong relaxation (where in-house gongs are available) with live chanting meditations. This workshop gives you the vitality, and energy so you can live angelically, and opens your heart to experience the angelic nature that resides in us all.

Angelic Communication

Celestial Communication Workshop

In this workshop experience the divine art of celestial communication. Part of the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Celestial Communication is a special part of the practice. It is mediation composed of arm and hand movements choreographed to mantra songs. Experience special Celestial Communication meditations created by Sat Avtar, and learn how to create your own meditations. The appeal of this workshop extends beyond Kundalini Yoga practitioners and is suitable for everyone, especially those new to yoga and meditation.

Private Instruction With Sat Avtar

Via Skype or in person Sat Avtar can teach you to deepen your experience and develop your practice through yoga instruction, customized meditation, voice and chanting instruction. In a one on one session you get the personal attention to create a practice that targets your needs that you don’t get in public classes. Sat Avtar draws on her background as an intuitive empath, yogi, artist and musician. She is also a Reiki Master.