Halfway into my summer Kickstarter campaign, when I had raised almost half my funds I stopped pushing to raise more and abandoned the campaign. THANK YOU to those that helped me get to $3,000! If you do not get the entire amount of your goal in a Kickstarter campaign you don’t get any funds.

I needed to rest. I realized how exhausted I was. There was also 4 other mantra campaigns going for other artists.

This year, after twenty years, I questioned my entire relationship with Kundalini Yoga. And while I won’t share the exact details why it was a turning point.

…I had to let go. 

But I’ve come back together, still raw, but becoming more whole than before.

I’m honestly not sure what this next album will be. What I thought it was going to be before is no longer alive. The relationship has changed, but the love has not. Things move so fast now don’t they?

I have a handful of beautiful mantras that want to be recorded. They want life. 

Miracle Mantra that I performed at Summer Solstice a year ago wants to be in peoples hearts!

Wahe Guru Jio that I played in class at Winter Solstice two years wants to be in peoples minds.

Sunia wants to be in peoples prayers.

It’s likely this mantra album will be simple, slow and refined. It will be warm and loving. I want it kind and gentle. Embodying the energy I so needed this year. The energy I had to learn to give myself. Maybe that is the message. Let go, slow down, give love to yourself. Stop wanting to change the world to fit your vision.

Not knowing is freedom. No expectations are liberating.

I spent my own funds making the free track Ardas Bhaee. Thinking I would have a funded campaign I went ahead with the investment. This campaign will help me finish that song and include it on the album.

God knows what she wants this to be and how much I need. God has the answers to what it will be called and who will play on it. God knows how many songs will be on it. I will let this have a life of its own. Maybe that’s it…God knows.