Millions of us have joined together in the realization we need to love and lift up the mother.That mother we all have inside us. Mothers, sisters, and daughters, need also our fathers, brothers, husbands, lovers and sons to join us.

This album is a musical journey of awakening of primal power and the voice of women all over the world. Long have we kept silent, and struggled in darkness.

Together we can heal.

This album is a space of healing, hope, and energy for that intimate process to take place. Find refuge in this music. 

The album is a testament to my journey of healing the darkest moments of my past and my self. A journey that has broken me, taken away everything I thought was mine, to give back to me why I am and a greater purpose.

Each class I teach, each time I sing my heart prays for all beings to find the truth, to love, and realize their strength in the face of adversity.

It is my honor to have been given a gift I can share. One that allows me to share the beauty I see in the world, through my own expression.

Find your voice with me. 

The album will include mantra and English lyric songs.